Some and Any – 3 rules you need to know
(part 2)

प्रेषित 11 October 2018
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Some and Any - do you know how to use these words with countable and uncountable nouns? In this video you'll learn three important grammar rules that will help you get them right. You'll also learn how we make lentil soup!
अनुशंसित शब्द
amount - मात्रा
elementary - प्राथमिक
exact - ठीक
hungry - भूखा
it is time - यह समय है
limited - सीमित
to matter - बात
negative - नकारात्मक
an offer - प्रस्ताव
one by one - एक एक करके
positive - स्पष्ट
a request - प्रार्थना
similar - समान
special - विशेष
starting point - प्रारंभ बिंदु
stock - स्टॉक
useful - उपयोगी
vague - अस्पष्ट
will do - करूँगा