Sarah and Duck: Shallot
(part one)

संग्रह: Sarah & Duck
प्रेषित 8 February 2015
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वीडियो की अवधि: 3 मिनट. 11 सेकंड.
This English children's animated television series talks about the life of a seven-year old girl named Sarah and her friend, a real duck. In this episode, they found some seeds and decided to plant them to find out what is going to grow from them.
अनुशंसित शब्द
to approve - अनुमोदन करना
at least - कम से कम
be supposed to - कदाचित
carry on - जारी रखना
come on - पैरवी करना
dinner - डिनर
to drop - गिराना
to finish - समाप्त करना
to grow - बढ़ना
to happen - होना
living room - ड्राइंग-रूम
muddy - मैला
newspaper - समाचार-पत्र
Oh, dear - ओह प्रिय
perhaps - शायद
to plant - स्थापित करना
a seed - बीज
to seem - लगना
take a while - कुछ समय लें
to wait - प्रतीक्षा करना