प्रेषित 22 नवम्बर 2016
Tim Peake before returning to Earth

Tim Peake before returning to Earth

продолжительность: 1:27
Posted on 22 नवम्बर 2016
In June 2016, a British astronaut, Tim Peake, returned to Earth after having spent six months in space. Prior to the return he told what he missed most during the mission, and shared an interesting story which, according to himself, would remain in his memory forever.
अनुशंसित शब्द
at least - कम से कम
basically - अधिकांश
blissful - आनंदमय
to cherish - संजोना
darkness - अंधेरा
drizzle - झींसी पड़नेवाला वर्षा
to explore - पता लगाना
eyesight - नज़र
fairly - निष्पक्ष रूप से
hang out - निकल कर बाहर झूलना
incredible - यक़ीन नहीं
to install - स्थापित करना
lasting - स्थायी
to miss - छोड़ना
perhaps - शायद
quite - बिलकुल
a ray - किरण
to recover - बचाना
remarkable - असाधारण
solar - सौर
tricky - कपटी
vastness - विस्तार

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