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Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig

Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig

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Posted on 4 सितम्बर 2017
The monument to the Battle of the Nations is one of the main attractions of the city of Leipzig and the most massive monument on European soil. It was erected one hundred years after the battle in which the coalition of Russian, Austrian, Prussian and Swedish armies defeated the army of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his allies.
अनुशंसित शब्द
an ally - मित्र
armed forces - सशस्त्र सेना
awe - भय
base - आधार
a battle - लड़ाई
to circle - घूमना
common - सामान्य
to complete - पूरा करना
an enemy - दुश्मन
faith - धर्म
fallen - गिरा
to fight - लड़ना
a giant - दानव
a guard - गार्ड
inside - अंदर
to inspire - प्ररेरित करना
location - स्थान
name after - नाम देना
past - भूत
quality - गुण
to remind - याद दिलाना
to represent - प्रतिनिधित्व करना
scale - स्केल
structure - संरचना
take place - घटित होना
tear down - ढहाना
troops - सेना
watch over - देख-भाल रखना

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