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Admiral William H. McRaven addresses the graduates
(part three)

Admiral William H. McRaven addresses the graduates
(part three)

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Posted on 5 दिसम्बर 2017
William H. McRaven is a retired US Navy admiral. In 2014, admiral McRaven gave a speech at the University of Texas commencement ceremony in Austin. In that speech, he told the graduates about some life rules he acquired during US Navy training.

Part one
Part two
अनुशंसित शब्द
to accept - स्वीकार करना
to allow - अनुमति देना
belt buckle - बेल्ट का बकल
a drill - ड्रिल
exceptionally - विशेषकर
to fail - विफल होना
from head to toe - सर से पाँव तक
get over - समाप्त करना
immaculately - विशुद्धता से
in vain - व्यर्थ
inspection - मुआयना
line up - क़तार बांधना
not good enough - जो करने या स्वीकृति के योग्य न हो
perfectly - बिलकुल
to perform - खेलना
to polish - चमकाना
purpose - प्रयोजन
put something into - कुछ डालो
shiny - चमकदार
a smudge - धब्बा
to starch - कलंफ़ लगाना
to succeed - सफल होना
training - ट्रेनिंग
void of - खाली

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