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What if everyone was attracted to you?

What if everyone was attracted to you?

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Posted on 29 August 2017
WHAT IF is an app that asks questions suggesting some hypothetical situations, and you need to either say yes, or say no. There is only one problem: each situation has a stipulation that may make you change your decision radically. How would you answer these questions?
अनुशंसित शब्द
ability - योग्यता
to attract - खींचना
condition - शर्त
definitely - निश्चित रूप से
depend on - पर निर्भर
figure out - हिसाब लगाना
for the first time - पहली बार
for the rest of someone's life - किसी के जीवन के बाकी हिस्सों के लिए
how is it going? - कैसा चल रहा है?
in line with - लाइन के साथ में
it's not that big of a deal - यह एक सौदा का बड़ा नहीं है
look to - ख्याल रखना
a supervillain - खलनायक
to take - लेना
term - अवधि
a toss-up - क़ुरा डालना

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