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How to order a round in a pub

How to order a round in a pub

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Posted on 17 मई 2014
In this video you will watch a simple dialogue and learn how to order a round in a bar and what details should be mentioned in advance.
अनुशंसित शब्द
beer - बियर
a bitter - कड़वा
busy - व्यस्त
to check - जाँचना
cheers - चियर्स!
cheese - पनीर
a crisp - कुरकुरा
finally - अंत में
glass - कांच
half - आधा
lager - बीर
an onion - प्याज़
a packet - पोटली
patience - धैर्य
a persistence - हठ
a pint - एक गिलास बीर
a wallet - बटुआ
wine - शराब

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