प्रेषित 29 October 2015
Madcon — Freaky Like Me

Madcon — Freaky Like Me

продолжительность: 3:8
Posted on 29 October 2015
Madcon is a Norwegian rap duo. They made a name for themselves in summer 2007 with the hit song "Beggin", which was a cover version of the song of the same name from 40 years ago, originally performed by The Four Seasons. Madcon's founders began to perform together in the early 2000s when both joined a well-known Norwegian rap group The Paperboys.
अनुशंसित शब्द
to cause - पहुंचाना
closer - पास
crazy - सनकी
an ear - कान
early - शीघ्र
everytime - हर समय
to feel - मानना
freaky - फ्रीकी
a hit - चोट
to hold - पकड़ना
a kitty - बिल्ली का बच्चा
to lay - रखना
a motor - मोटर
to pull - खींचना
to push - धकेलना
to rust - मोरचा खा जाना
to shower - बरसाना
tights - टाइटस
to whisper - फुसफुसाना
to wish - चाहना

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