प्रेषित 27 मई 2017
When lobster was everywhere

When lobster was everywhere

продолжительность: 1:18
Posted on 27 मई 2017
Lobster was once deemed a poor man's food and was served to prisoners. Nowadays, lobster is considered a true delicacy. In this video, you are going to hear a strange story of how a bottom-dwelling crustacean went from prison food to upscale fare.
अनुशंसित शब्द
a bait - चारा
bay - खाड़ी
beloved - प्रिय
can - सकना
a critter - जीव
cruel - निर्दयी
to deem - समझना
delicacy - विनम्रता
eat up - पूरी तरह खा जाना
to enact - अभिनय करना
eventually - अंत में
to feed - खिलाना
grow to - के लिए विकास
to imagine - कल्पना करना
an inmate - सहवासी
literally - सचमुच
prison - जेल
to protect - रक्षा करना
punishment - सज़ा
a railroad - रेल
seafood - सीफ़ूड
to settle - बसना
a settler - आबादकार
a shore - जहाज़ की शहतीर
sick of - से तंग आ गया
succulent - रसीला
to surge - लहर उठना
ultimately - अंत में