History of English language: Shakespeare

प्रेषित 25 मार्च 2014
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In this episode of "The history of English in ten minutes", you are going to be told about the substantial impact made by William Shakespeare on the English language. In the video, you will hear different words and expressions which the linguists think were invented by the famous writer.
अनुशंसित शब्द
an alligator - घडि़याल
an anchovy - एंकोवी (मछली)
a crocodile - मगर
cross-dressing - पार ड्रेसिंग
expressive - अर्थपूर्ण
an eyeball - नेत्रगोलक
to invent - आविष्कार करना
lackluster - मंद
limitless - असीम
plague - प्लेग
to poke - ढकेलना
rich - धनी
a shrift - पापमोचन
soon - जल्दी
a trowel - कन्नी
vibrant - थरथरानेवाला