प्रेषित 18 मई 2017
Adam Hills on Australian accent

Adam Hills on Australian accent

продолжительность: 2:37
Posted on 18 मई 2017
Adam Hills is an Australian comedian, radio and TV host. You can see him on both Australian and British television, and in Australia, he is most famous for being a host of the music quiz show Spicks and Specks and the talk show Adam Hills Tonight, while in Britain, he is well-known for hosting the comedy talk show The Last Leg. In this video, you are going to see a fragment of Adam's performance in which he talks about Australian accent.
अनुशंसित शब्द
an accent - उच्चारण
afraid - भयभीत
to agree - सहमत होना
approval - अनुमोदन
to arrive - पहुंचना
basically - अधिकांश
bay - खाड़ी
a crop - फ़सल
a display - प्रदर्शन
hand down - ऊपर से देना
heavy - गंभीर
insecure - अरक्षित
irony - व्यंग्य
a judge - न्यायाधीश
marijuana - भंग
to mean - इरादा रखना
murder - हत्या
overseas - विदेशी
rare - असामान्य
ridiculous - हास्यास्पद
a scripture - वेद
a sentence - वाक्य
a statement - विवरण
till - जब तक

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