Game of Thrones – Trailer
(season 7)

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प्रेषित 13 जुलाई 2017
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'Game of Thrones' is an American series based on the novels 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George Martin.The action of series takes place in a fictional world similar to medieval Europe. In the series there are a lot of characters and several related storylines. The premiere of the seventh season will be on HBO on July 16, 2017.
अनुशंसित शब्द
band together - बान्धना
best hope - सबसे अच्छी उम्मीद
to count - गिनना
to defeat - हराना
an enemy - दुश्मन
enmity - शत्रुता
gone - गया हुआ
a kingdom - राज्य
to matter - बात
put aside - अलग रखना
to rule - शासन करना
a skeleton - कंकाल
to stand - खड़ा होना
a storm - तूफ़ान
a throne - सिंहासन
whatever - जो कुछ