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Stupid ways to die

Stupid ways to die

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Posted on 26 मई 2013
"Dumb Ways to Die" is a social advertisement by Metro Trains Melbourne, a railway network operator in Melbourne, Australia. The advertising campaign is aimed at promoting safe behaviour on public transport. But just look at how interesting is the way they make this promotion!
अनुशंसित शब्द
a bait - चारा
a brand - दाग़
a dryer - ड्रायर
dumb - गूंगा
an edge - धार
a fork - कांटा
hair - बाल
a helmet - लोहे का टोपी
to hide - छिपाना
a kidney - गुरदा
moose - एक प्रकार का हिरण
a nest - घोंसला
a pet - पालतू पशु
to poke - ढकेलना
a rattlesnake - नाग
to scratch - खरोंचना
to sell - बेचना
to set - लगाना
a stick - छड़ी
a train - ट्राइन
a wasp - हड्डा
  • Afroz Khan
    it is very funny and it is very very very very good and it is funny also I tell you and it is the most funniest in English puzzle it is first part and it is next part is also very funny and it is very interesting also but we do not follow these ways because we can die these are all cartoon but it is very funny cartoon

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