प्रेषित 23 मार्च 2013
Devadasi: Transformation of the tradition

Devadasi: Transformation of the tradition

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Posted on 23 मार्च 2013
Devadasis were girls who were given a special upbringing and who lived at temples in India. They used to dedicate themselves to serving their gods and mainly, to entertaining them with dancing.

Nowadays, devadasi's role has gone through significant changes.
अनुशंसित शब्द
to abolish - समाप्त करना
ancient - प्राचीन
a brothel - गणिकागृह
a cockroach - तिलचट्टा
to dedicate - उत्सर्ग करना
to diminish - घटाना
grotesque - विचित्र
a hooker - पतुरिया
ingrain - चित्त में बैठा देना
a link - जोड़ना
medieval - मध्यकालीन
a mistress - प्रेमिका
prepubescent - prepubescent
a priest - पुरोहित
sacred - धार्मिक
a slave - दास
successful - सफल
a superstition - कुसंस्कार
a temple - मंदिर
an undercurrent - अदेखा