प्रेषित 16 June 2015
My father’s story

My father’s story

продолжительность: 3:17
Posted on 16 June 2015
Watch a touching video about a loving father made by Metlife Hong Kong insurance company.
अनुशंसित शब्द
because - क्योंकि
clever - चालाक
everything - सब कुछ
great - बहुत
handsome - सुंदर
happiness - सुख
have - लेना
hungry - भूखा
a job - काम
kind - दयालु
to lie - झूठ बोलना
money - धन
smart - चतुर
a superman - अतिमानव
sweet - मीठा
tire - पहनाना
a world - दुनिया
  • Neful Khan
    A fsther and his a dougher story that fathaer want to do everything for his doughter.father says lie that his father have everything and you don,t warry bt his dougher sees everything that her father do for her, day to night every work do and also send to his dougher good school and her father mostly want to spend time with his dougher bt he couldn,t have spent time
    his becouse of he has to work .we should proud of such father

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