प्रेषित 5 October 2017
Coldplay — Viva la Vida

Coldplay — Viva la Vida

продолжительность: 4:2
Posted on 5 October 2017
Viva la Vida is the second single by British rock band Coldplay from their album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Coldplay first played the song live in the 2008 MTV Movie Awards ceremony on 1 June 2008. By the third week of June, the single, for the first time in Coldplay's career, reached number one on British charts and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 as well. In February 2009, the song won a Grammy Award for Best Song of the Year. In December 2012, it was listed number nine on Last.fm chart "10 Years of Scrobbling".
अनुशंसित शब्द
alone - अकेला
a bell - घंटी
a castle - गढ़
a choir - गायक-मंडली
close in on - पर बंद
to discover - खोजना
an enemy - दुश्मन
to explain - समझाना
fear - डर
for some reason - किसी कारण के लिए
foreign - विदेशी
give the word - शब्द दो
honest - ईमानदार
let in - प्रवेश करना
lonely - अकेला
a mirror - आईना
on a silver plate - एक चांदी की प्लेट पर
a pillar - स्तंभ
roll the dice - पासा फेंको
to rule - शासन करना
a shield - ढाल
string - तार
a sword - तलवार
wild - पागल

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